Who needs Metrics for Learning?

Educational improvement cannot be quantified without assessment

If your organization has struggled to justify expenditures on education or training because of lack of evidence that it works, it’s likely you have not established an evidence-based set of metrics. Improvement begins with measurement.

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Promotional Medical Education

If you are responsible for promotional education for a pharmaceutical company or device manufacturer (either as an employee or as an agency), Metrics for Learning can help assess the efficacy of your educational content by measuring the degree to which your audience experienced increases in knowledge, confidence, and competence.

Our measurement methods work well for

  • General disease-state education
  • Product-Specific Education

Example Case:

Both general disease state education and product-specific education are provided through a cable distribution channel directly to highly targeted physicians that opt-in to the service. Metrics for Learning assesses changes in knowledge, confidence and competence through the use of pre- and post-program questions that are part of the educational program. Results reports help our clients demonstrate the value and effectiveness of the educational programming, and facilitate further improvements in content for future programs.

Professional Training

Whether formally or informally, every professional requires ongoing education. If you’re serious about improving your learners’ knowledge, confidence, competence and performance, you must measure the efficacy of your educational content.

Examples of industries that can benefit from Metrics for Learning services:

  • Pharmaceuticals and medical devices
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance Companies
  • Real Estate Professionals
  • Accounting Firms
  • Law Firms
  • Any profession requiring continuing education