Who needs Metrics for Learning?

If your organization wants to understand and leverage the effects of its education or training on learners’ knowledge, confidence, competence and performance, it can benefit directly from the assessment services we provide.


What it Means for Your Organization

Assessing changes in learner knowledge, confidence, competence and performance will help validate educational effectiveness, improve future content, and quantify your “Return On Education” (ROE).


What is the Metrics for Learning Process?

Enhancing your learners’ knowledge, confidence, competence and performance begins with assessment of effectiveness, and results in greater success.


Trusted, Evidence-based Methods

Changes in learner knowledge, confidence, competence, and performance can be measured using trusted evidence-based scientific methods from the social sciences and adult learning research. To verify the positive impact of your education you must use trusted assessment methods. Metrics for Learning provides the science that makes it possible.

Defining the Benefits

What does Metrics for Learning Mean to Your Organization?

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The Metrics Process

Identify desired results. Measure their achievement.

  • Preliminary Discussion
  • Fact Finding
  • Confidentiality agreement
  • Discuss Specific Projects, Needs, Requirements, Desired Results
  • Develop an Assessment Plan and Pricing estimate
  • Contract Signed
  • Kick-off Meeting...
Continue The Process


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